Introducing Pollen

Functional CSS for the future

Pollen is a library of CSS variables for rapid prototyping, consistent styling, and as a zero-runtime utility-first foundation for your own design systems. Heavily inspired by TailwindCSS.

What it looks like

Pollen has no runtime, buildstep, class naming conventions, or framework dependencies. It works in stylesheets, inline styles, and CSS-in-JS.

.button {
font: var(--font-sans);
font-weight: var(--font-medium);
padding: var(--size-1);
background: var(--color-blue);
color: white;
border-radius: var(--radius-2);
box-shadow: var(--elevation-1);
transition: background 150ms var(--easing-standard);


Who's using Pollen

Pollen is used in production by awesome brands in several large-scale websites and projects. Are you using Pollen? Open an issue on Github to add your site to the list.