Thank you for your interest in contributing! Pollen is a fully open-source, MIT licensed project, and there are several ways you can help.

Spread the word

The biggest way you can help with Pollen is simply to tell your friends about it! Open source projects live and die by their community. Tweet about it, star it on Github, and pass it around.

Open an issue

If you’ve noticed a bug with Pollen, or think there’s a feature that should be included, open an issue against the Github repository.

When creating an issue, try to be as detailed as possible. If you’re reporting a bug, list steps to reproduce the problem and the expected outcome. If you’re suggesting a feature, explain the use-case it solves and why it would be a good fit for Pollen.

Submit a PR

If there’s an existing issue you’d like to help solve pull requests are always welcome! Before submitting a PR make sure you’re either addressing an open issue, or have previously discussed the feature or code you’re adding.

Working on issues

Please feel free to take on any issue that's currently open. Feel free to resolve any issue that you would enjoy working on even if it happens to be a low priority.

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