Pollen is built on CSS variables, a new web specification that allows us to define custom CSS properties that can be used anywhere in your project. Since they are defined globally and represent a single source of truth, variables allow us to do things not previously possible in CSS.

Global responsiveness

Pollen’s CSS variables can be changed inside media queries, to update their value across a project. Redefine a variable on :root in a media query. All instances of that variable will then update when the media query is triggered.

@media (min-width: 45em) {
:root {
--body-font-size: var(--scale-1);

Interacting with JS

CSS variables are also accessible in JavaScript, which allows you to accomplish things that were previously very complicated, like dynamically applying style themes. By updating a few key variables based on user input, you can reskin an entire interface.

Update CSS variables in JS by using the setProperty method on the document root’s style property.
`'Garamond', serif`

You can also alias variables to other variables, this is useful for using a consistent property throughout your codebase that can be dynamically updated without losing meaning